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V2 Germany
Hip Rating
"a2" ZW 80
Inka Almhof GSD

V Inka vom Almhof
producer of the SG10 female BSZS
Inka is a super female with Top character, Inka has been shown all over
Europe and has always placed at the top of her class, she is also the
producer of the SG10 Female from the World Sieger Show.
Inka is super with children and other dogs and is very obedient.
5500 usd + ship
Okawa GSD
SchH2, Kkl1lbz
Show Rating
VA3 USA SS 2004
V2 Germany
V2 PacificRegionals
Hip Rating
"a2" ZW 89

VA Okawa von der
Okawa has flawless character and is a top show dog, a top producer as well. Okawa is the
mother of
Jando vom Gold-Berg USA puppy Vice Sieger, SG3 USA Sieger Show and Vice Sieger
Canadian Sieger Show. Okawa is also been shown all over Europe placing #1 or #2 in her class
many times. Okawa is still young and can again show at a National level if a person was
seriously interested in show. Okawa also has very dynamic sure bite work with full hard grips
and is very obedient with a perfect clean aus. Okawa has excellent workability and can still do
all three phases of a Schutzhund  very well and would make the SchH3 easily.

Serious inquiries only please, correct price.
Okawa on long bite
Okawa at heal
Okawa making the bite
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