Located in Lebanon Oregon on a small 43 acre farm Kennel Gold-Berg

has dedicated the last 10 years to a breeding

program that strives for Quality and not Quantity.

With over 20 years overall experience, our breeding

program adheres to the FCI breed standards

and breed worthiness.
Kennel Gold-Berg's Breeding

Program has some of the most proven European bloodlines.

Our dogs stem from the Ambassadors of the breed,

those that have attained the highest marks. Such greats as:

2x World Sieger VA Jeck v. Noricum.

VA1 Zamb von der Wienerau.

Our motherline comes from two of the best hips lines available in the GSD genetics:

VA Ando Altenberger-Land

VA Esko vom Danischen Hof

We believe that the motherline is the most vital and often overlooked aspect of strong genetics.

These are some of the best in the Nation and Europe!

Our Breeding Program promotes:

Courageous Sound Minds and Workability
Health and Hip Scores
Correct Structure/Strong Bone
Deep Black/ Red Pigment

Through careful selection and breeding, we have preserved the heart and workability

that is essential to the German Shepherd dog, while preserving the overall beauty and nobility.

We want the complete German Shepherd Dog. All our dogs are socialized daily and have a very clean

environment to live in. Our puppies are born in our home and socialized with children from a very young age.

We do not produce mass litters, all our litters are created with thoughtfulness and purpose for ourselves and

quality families.

Kennel Gold-Berg is committed to our breed and our buyers. We provide an

thorough written
Hip/Health Gaurantee and all of our puppy buyers are provided

with a complete Health Care and Feeding Guide.

For our buyers who's needs exceed the Faithful Family Companion.

 We provide information and contacts to help with training for Show, Work or Sport.

~  Because of our very good relations in international markets, we are able to handle all of

your importing needs.
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