Kennel Gold-Berg German Shepherd Warranty

This Puppy/Dog is warranted **against hip Displasia** for a full 2 yrs of the life of your dog. If OFA up to 24 months shows hip
Displasia the Breeder agrees to replace said puppy with another puppy of equal value and quality within or about 6 months after
affected puppy/dog and AKC papers are returned to breeder at buyers expense. Tattoo number must be used on hip x-ray to assure
breeder that said puppy/dog came from her facility. If buyer brings bad publicity or court to breeder than warranty is null and void and
buyer agrees to pay breeder 10 x the purchase price of puppy. If court is inevitable then it is to be in Linn County Oregon.

The breeder will furnish registration papers, health record of vaccinations and dewormings. The breeder in no way assumes any
responsibility or liability with respect to use, purpose or suitability, and shall not be liable for damages. The warranty is only good to the
original buyer/owner.

I, the buyer agree to provide routine veterinary care for this puppy, including all shots needed for the region the puppy lives, DHL and
Parvo, Rabies shot at about 16 weeks of age, routine worm and parasite checks and can provide records of such care, if or should I
need to have the puppy/dog returned for a replacement puppy.
I also understand this
warranty is void if I fail to; provide veterinary care or if said puppy/dog was, transferred, bred,
injured by accident or neglect.

       Companion Dog Limited- Spay/Neuter @ 14 months

       Show or Breed Prospect- Limited Registration will be lifted after OFA certification @ 24-26 months.

There being no other covenants, promises, agreements, warranties or obligations, either oral or written except herein set forth.

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