Jando vom Gold-Berg WDA Ad
H.O.T SchH3, Kkl1
Show Rating
Vice Sieger USA SS 2004
SG3 USA SS 2005
Vice Sieger Canadian SS 2005
V4 Canadian Regional SS
Hip Rating
"a1" ED Normal
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Jando is one of the most balanced German Shepherds I have ever had the pleasure of
knowing. Jando is such a discerning beautiful, gentle male, strong and courageous when
need be and oh so faithful.
Jando in firld
Jando GSD baby Isaac
Jando making bite
Jando making the dance
Jando at heal
Testament of a GREAT dog!!!

Jando with baby Isaac and Jando at the USA Sieger Show 2007 during protection phase.
Victoria E. Driggs KGB
Kennel Gold-Berg
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V Jando vom Gold-Berg
SchH2, Kkl1, a1
Breeder H.O.T

Show Results
SG1 18-24 under Helmet Konig WVSC 2005
Vice Sieger 12-18 under Gunther Swedes
Canadian Sieger Show 2005
SG1 12-18 under  Franz Peter Knaul 2005 WDA Regional 2005
SG1 12-18 under Hans Karl  Clackamas Schutzhund Club 2005
SG1 12-18 under Henning Setzer Pacific Northwest Regional 2005
SG3 12-18 under SV Wilfred Scheld
USA Sieger Show 2005
Vice Sieger 6-9 under Eric Orschler
USA Sieger Show 2004
VP1 under SV Arno Humberdros WVSC 2004