Kennel Gold-Berg German Shepherd Guarantee

This Puppy/Dog is guaranteed against hip Displasia for a full 2 yrs of the life of your dog. If any x-ray, taken by a reputable veterinarian
during the first 24 months shows hip Displasia, as proven by notarized documents signed by veterinarian, the seller agrees to replace
said puppy with another puppy of equal value and quality within or about 6 months after affected puppy is returned to seller
if so
by breeder and all papers returned as well, include AKC signed over to the breeder.
Replacement is also available on hanging ears that are not permanently strong by 8 months of age and the breeder was notified of the
by 4 months of age. Monorchidism, or cryptorchidism, should be down by 6 months. A signed statement by licensed
veterinarian a must. You must notify the breeder of any problems in the first three days.
The breeder will furnish registration paper, pedigree, health record of vaccinations and deworming’s. The seller in no way assumes any
responsibility or liability with respect to use, purpose or suitability, and shall not be liable for damages of any character, whether direct
or consequential. Title shall remain in seller’s name until sale agreement is paid in full, guarantee is void if not paid in full, as agreed.
number must be used in reference with hip x-ray to assure breeder/seller that said her facility and the dog that was originally sold to
the buyer.
AKC registration application will be mailed to the buyer when puppy is paid in full. The guarantee is only good to the original
I, the buyer agree to provide routine veterinary care for this puppy, including all shots, DHL and Parvo, Rabies shot at about 16 weeks  
of age,
routine worm and parasite checks and can provide records of such care, if or should I need to have the dog returned for a replacement
I also understand this
Guarantee is void if I fail to; provide veterinary care or if said puppy was, transferred, bred,
neutered or spayed, injured by accident or neglect.
Because of the variety of dog food's available (and all Canine illness are NOT covered by vaccination) we require that all German
Puppies sold by Gold-Berg be kept on Nu Vet Plus Canine Vitamin for the first two years of his/her life to ensure proper nutrition and
growth. NuVet Plus Canine is only available via breeder recommendation and is made available to you for the health of your new puppy.
You will be instructed
as to where you should get your Nu Vet Plus Canine Vitamins before you take possession of your pup. The order line phone number is
1-800-474-7044. Your order code is 04209, please be sure to use your order code. The order code will provide Gold-
Berg with an account of the
persons who are supplementing their puppies with Nu Vet Plus Canine. Nu Vet Labs send monthly reports to Gold-Berg showing who is
supplementing and who is not.
I, the buyer agree to keep my puppy from Gold-Berg German Shepherds on Nu Vet Plus canine for the first 2 years of life after date of

There being no other covenants, promises, agreements, warranties or obligations, either oral or written except herein set forth.

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Sex:                                                                                                                                                         Buyer:

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Tattoo#:                                                                                                                                                  Date Signed:

Sire:                                                                                                                                                         Signature Buyer:

Dam:                                                                                                                                                       Signature Seller:

Please read carefully and return a signed and dated copy to Seller as soon as possible. Remember to keep a photocopy for your own

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