Life with Bastian vom Real Favorita
VA Vegas du Haut Mansard x V Roma vom Holtkamper-See
It is all in the genes.
Bastian puppy with ball
Bastian puppy face
Bastian GSd sit
puppy bastian trotting
Bastian making prey
Bastian with prey
Bastian puppy looking handsome
Like father like son!!!!

Bastian 1 year later, WOW did he grow
into a  
SUPER  young  male!!!
V Roma vom Holtkamper-See
From the Famous "R" litter
World Sieger Vegas du Haut
Roma vom Holtkamper-See GSD
Vegas du Haut Mansard GSD
Vegas gaiting
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Bastian at the swimming hole
Bastian, Mica and Toska with Xavier and Isaac
Bastian vom Real Favorita
Bastian's favorite place to play is at the creek.
Bastian leading the pack.
Bastian gaiting
Bastian waiting for me to throw the stick.
Bastian standing beautiful
Bastian gaiting.
Bastian looking beautiful!!!
Bastian swimming
Bastian in stand
Bastian kopf
Bastian vom Real Favorita now 1 1/2 years